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The world’s first human and canine blood donation drive.


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Just like humans, sick and injured dogs need blood transfusions. But there is a serious shortage of canine blood. So tails will be wagging when you and your dog donate blood.

Australian Animal Blood Bank


Find out about dog blood donations.


Can you and your dog give blood?


We check that your bloods are all good.

The Dog Donation Process

You sit with your dog to provide reassurance. Hair is clipped from a small area on the neck and the area is then cleansed with disinfectant. A qualified vet from the Australian Animal Blood Bank (AABB) takes a unit of blood (approx 450mls). This usually takes around 5 minutes. Donors are rewarded with lots of yummy treats and praise!

Every dog donation may save up to 3 dogs.

Donate With A Mate

Thank you for your interest in
our canine blood service.

We’ve been overwhelmed with applications and
support and our allotment is now full.

But, if you know your dog is eligible, please speak to your vet
or the AABB and you can register them as emergency donors.

Dog Pre-Screening

A "Screening Appointment" will be held with potential donor dogs and their owners to assess the temperament of your dog to ensure it is ok with unfamiliar people and places.

Here an Australian Animal Blood Bank (AABB) veterinarian will collect a blood sample to perform a full blood screening.

If the blood results are all good, the Pedigree Donate With a Mate team will schedule you and your dog to Donate with a Mate on Thursday 18th April 2019.

Human Pre-Screening

You must bring your ID that shows at least 3 of the following, full name, date of birth, home address, signature and photo.

The Red Cross conducts human donations. A Red Cross nurse will give you a “finger prick” test to check your level of haemoglobin (a protein which contains iron) and test your blood pressure.

You can’t donate if you have a cold or flu or an upset stomach in the last week.

Typically, whole blood donations take 5-15 minutes, and the whole appointment one hour. But please be aware that occasionally delays occur, so you should allow plenty of time for your appointment.

Dog Pre-Screening
Human Pre-Screening

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the location for this event?

The Kiora Centre, 29 Kiora Road Miranda, NSW, 2228.

What is the date and time for this event?

Thursday 18th April 2019, 8am to 4pm local time.

Who is organising this?

The Donate with a Mate event is a partnership between Pedigree (Mars Australia), and the Australian Animal Blood Bank (AABB) and the Australian Red Cross Society (the Red Cross). Mars is facilitating the event and providing post donation treats for donors and their pets. The Australian Red Cross Society and the AABB are responsible for conducting donations for owners and their dogs, respectively.

Can I arrive on the day and donate blood?

You are more than welcome to attend on the day in support of the initiative but you and your pet must have completed the registration and passed our pre-screening process to be eligible to donate. If you have not completed this process you will not be able to donate on the day.

Can my cat or any other pet donate blood?

Not on this day. The event is only set up to accommodate dog and human blood donations.

How much does this event cost?

The event is free to attend and you will not be charged for making a donation. You are responsible for your own costs of participating, such as the cost of transport to and from the event.

There will be filming on the day, what should I do if I don’t want to be captured on camera?

There will be release forms handed to those who are obviously identifiable in shot, if you do not wish to be filmed, please advise one of the Pedigree representatives immediately.

Will there be parking available on the day?

Since this is a partnership event, the Donate With A Mate event area will occupy the main Red Cross Centre parking lot. There is public parking on streets at the Kior Centre in Miranda.

What are the closest public transport options?

The Miranda train station is approximately 5 minutes walk from the event. Bus numbers 970, 971 and 972 also stop nearby. Please see the NSW Transport website for information about when and how you can travel on public transport with an animal.

What do I get for donating blood on the day?

You get the reward of knowing you and your pet may save up to a total of 6 lives – 3 dogs and 3 humans. Your furry friend will also be rewarded with Pedigree treats after they have donated.

What happens to my personal information when I participate in Donate With A Mate?

Your personal information collected during registration will be held by Mars Australia for the purpose of facilitating Donate With A Mate. If you pass eligibility screening, your registration details (including the fact that you have passed eligibility screening) will be shared with the Red Cross and the AABB. For more information, please see the Donate With A Mate [collection notice].

I have a question about the donation process, eligibility or an adverse reaction.

If you have a query relating to the canine donation process, eligibility or adverse reactions, please contact the AABB, details on their website ( Please refer to the contact details on the Australian Red Cross Society's website ( for queries relating to the human donation process, eligibility or adverse reactions.

Will there be food supplied at the event:

Food will not be provided on the day, other than the treats provided post donation, to raise sugar levels.